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Jesse’s music and lyrics are based on themes that all generations can relate to. His music is real. His performances are real. Jesse is a rare combination of natural ability combined with a passion, spirit and energy that is evident in his original music and his live performances. 


It all began when Jesse picked up a guitar when he was 6, after discovering an old, beat up acoustic in his parents basement. They began to notice a mature sense of rhythm and pitch, convincing them to buy Jesse his first electric and soon introduced him to the great rock 'n' roll bands of the 1960s, 70s and the 90s grunge scene which he quickly embraced. These influences became an essential part of his musical foundation and sound. In some of Jesse's interviews, he recalls that even before he picked up a guitar and embraced the sound of classic rock, he was heavily exposed to operatic pop singers such as Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. He considers the pure sound and beauty of those singers a major influence on him to this day. At age 7, he began performing in clubs on Long Island, NY and attracted attention from a local news paper that called him "The Boy Wonder" in reaction to his precocious musical ability. Jesse continued to play guitar at local clubs through age 9 and at 10, he was invited to the Sam Ash Guitar Competition where he finished third amongst seasoned pros.

At age 11, Jesse found his voice and began to sing. He soon started performing around New York City where people would take notice to his strong and conviction filled rock 'n' roll voice. Throughout ages 12 and 13, he also became interested in writing his own songs which regularly became part of his set during shows.


In 2009, Jesse was chosen to portray the lead role of a young Eddie Money in the musical Two Tickets to Paradise after Money took notice to his energetic rock 'n' roll performance as his opening act in June 2008. Money originally mistook Jesse for being in his early 20s at the time but soon realized he was only 14. Although Money wanted an adult to portray his life in the musical, he felt Jesse was the only one that captured the look, sound and spirit of his younger self. After months of rehearsals, the show opened in June of that year at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Centre where Jesse sang 14 songs a night with no understudy. This led to an appearance on Good Day NY. Jesse received rave reviews from the New York papers and from everyone who came and watched each night in the audience who took notice to his mature singing ability and passionate performance skills.

At age 20, Jesse won the ABC Television Competition "Rising Star". He performed in front of 5 million viewers a week, wowing the audience with his energy, passion and powerful singing voice. The show's judges included Brad Paisley, Kesha, and Ludacris with Josh Groban as the host. Before the last episode, Jesse performed with Brad Paisley at the PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey. Kesha told The Hollywood Reporter, "We found a rock god in the making!" The prize for winning the show was a record deal with legendary Capitol Records. 

In 2018, Jesse released his debut album "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" under Curb Records.  Jesse performed in many different states around the country during that time including California, North CarolinaColorado, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri. He eventually made his debut overseas performance in ManchesterEngland at the Blackthorn Music Festival. Jesse also performed in London where he was reviewed by BBC Radio. They stated “Jesse Kinch is phenomenal. He is the greatest live act you will ever see”. His debut album even managed to crack two top ten charts in the U.K. Jesse also had the honor of performing at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Woodstock in Bethel Woods, N.Y.


In January of 2021, Jesse was diagnosed with a very large cancerous brain tumor. 90 percent of the tumor was removed but post surgical complications resulted in Jesse temporarily being unable to use his right hand to play guitar. A year of radiation therapy, and chemotherapy followed. With hard work, persistence and physical therapy, Jesse regained the ability to use his right hand. In August of 2022 Jesse stepped back onto the stage for the first time in almost 2 years for his unforgettable and powerful Jesse Kinch Returns Concert at the Tilles Center for the performing arts on Long Island. Many wrote and commented it was the greatest concert they had ever seen. Before his returns show, Jesse was a guest performer for Josh Groban’s Harmony tour at the outdoor Jones Beach Theater on Long Island, NY. Jesse received a thunderous standing ovation from the audience with the performance of his power ballad “How Do I Reach You? (The Last Veil)”


With all his incredible achievements and all of his challenges, Jesse continues to stay motivated, creative and dedicated to his music. He will continue to write and perform and looks forward to releasing new songs in 2023!

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